Tailor’s button gauge in Lignes and mm


Traditional garment industry button measuring tool

Measures in lignes and millimetres

2.5 cm or 25 mm = 40 Ligne

2 cm or 20 mm = 32 Ligne

1.5 cm or 15 mm = 24 Ligne


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The word ligne is a French word literally meaning ‘line’ and refers to the specialist method of accurately measuring the diameter of a button, or bead and is still used today by traditional ribbon manufacturers, watch makers and tailors.

The metric system is often used alongside the ligne and our button gauges offer both lignes and millimetres that will help you easily and accurately measure the diameter up to 110 Lignes and 70 mm.

Tough and easy to use, saving time and reducing errors when measuring buttons and beads.

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  1. Richard Mendham

    When measuring a square or an oblong button or bead the convention is to use the widest point to point.

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