Corozo eco – flat dome


Organic, biodegradable, sustainable, responsible Corozo buttons dyed using natural ecological dyes.

These buttons have a beautiful natural fibre marbling that when dyed gives each button a unique appearance.

Available in 24 Ligne (15mm) and 32 Ligne (20mm) where available.

Due to the nature of being a natural product and coloured with natural dyes, colours may vary slightly between each button making them unique and this should be considered part of their inherent beauty.

PLEASE NOTE: colours may look different on a monitor than in real life.



Six reasons you should choose corozo instead of plastic…

Natural: Corozo nuts are a completely natural and biodegradable product made from the Tagua palm tree and a brilliant alternative to plastic.

Sustainable: The Tagua palm tree can produce 30-50lbs of nuts each year for about 100 years. These nuts fall naturally to the ground where they are carefully collected and this process does no harm to the tree or the rainforest.

Durable: made from naturally tough, virtually scratch resistant tightly wound organic fibres.

Responsible: Provides Local employment and is a source of income for thousands of local families.

Eco-friendly: The Rainforests: The Tagua palm tree industry does not damage the rainforests in the same way that banana plantations and cattle ranches can, which can lead to deforestation. In fact the more the Corozo industry grows, the less harm is made to the rainforests.

Commitment: Our range of Corozo buttons are manufactured here in Britain & Europe thus helping to support the EU clothing industry and protect skills and employment.

Additional information

Weight 7.5 g

Denim blue, Tan, Mid brown, Dark brown, Olive, Brick


24 Ligne (15mm), 32 Ligne (20mm), 36 Ligne (23mm)


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