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Why James Tailoring decided to stock zips…

You may remember that in the summer of 2020 we were looking at all the available options for the best eco zip fastenings and we decided that zip fastenings were not yet ready. We were often frustrated at the time by the unwillingness of zip manufacturers to produce the very products their website claimed they could produce. Some of the problems were shown in a previous post and are repeated here in brief.

Minimum order quantities were unclear, huge or had arbitrary surcharges attached.

The zippers often had a ‘but’ attached meaning a component such as the teeth or the puller were not eco friendly.

The main producers were challenging to communicate with and whilst claiming they could produce an eco zip fastening did not have any product availability.

We realized we had to work collaboratively and we were fortunate to meet up with Peter the UK agent for RiRi. Peter understood what we were trying to achieve and with his help we were able to produce zip fastenings which used recycled brass teeth. No other zip had this combination of organic tape and a minimum of 80% recycled brass making it the best eco friendly zip available. The production and mining of virgin brass is not good for climate change as it adds atmospheric carbon and contributes to global warming. The recycling process of brass is much less intensive and causes much less impact so is a viable alternative to virgin polyesters and metals.

We chose to work with RiRi because of these shared sustainability values and the high quality of their products, which you can find more about here. RiRi are often chosen by high end designers such as Private White and Louis Vuitton. High standards of production and individual hand finishing ensure that RiRi zip fastenings are of the very best quality.

As well as organic certified cotton tape we chose a recycled polyester tape to give designer makers a choice of colours and lengths, from trouser 20cm up to 36cm bag lengths and these can be found here.

For these reasons James Tailoring decided to stock zips and they are available now…