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Polyester thread is used by most people who sew with fabric as it is the most commonly available in the most colours. The reason for this popularity is that it has strength, lasting durability and a small amount of stretch making it useful for a wide variety of fabric choices. Polyester also marries well with the most common fabrics available as sewing purists may want to use the same material when creating garments. Another factor to consider would be the added strength gained from using a polyester thread on potential weak areas such as seams and buttons. 

rPET recycled thread is a brilliant sustainable alternative choice when it comes to the everyday sewing of textiles. The reason for this is that It will achieve good results on a wide variety of different fabric types and fabric weights using either a sewing machine or sewing by hand. This is why it is our go to choice when sewing in the workroom and the brand we trust is Gutermann. 

The Gutermann creativ rPet Sew All range (eco-thread) comes in 50 colours and is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The manufacturing process of the eco-thread requires less energy and generates less CO2 than using virgin polyester. One recycled drinking bottle can make 1000m of eco-thread that is the same high quality as normal Gutermann Sew-all polyester thread. The same quality at the same price but with the added sustainability choice of protecting the environment.