Sustainable Tencel thread sample card


Eco Tencel thread sample card

  • Innovative eco-biodegradable cellulose Tencel sewing thread for machine, overlocking, serger and hand sewing.
  • Produced in Portugal by the denim thread experts at Crafil for designers and makers who are as passionate as we are about making a difference.
  • Made of 100% cellulose wood pulp, this Tencel thread has been developed especially to be used with all types of garments, especially with biodegradable natural organic fabrics. The natural colour way is perfect for dyeing either before or after construction.
  • This thread is an excellent alternative to cotton, which has similar dyeing behaviours but with huge advantages when used in elastane and lycra fabrics even in garments with very aggressive washing and finishing when the resistance and elasticity are very important.
  • Celofil is 100% completely biological, sustainable and perfect for using with a whole range of different fabrics.
  • The Fine #120 is a Tex 32 has an 11% elongation and comes on 5000m cone.
  • The Sew all Ticket #40 is a Tex 52 has 11% elongation and comes on 5000m cone.
  • The Topstitch Ticket #24 is a Tex 80 has 13% elongation and comes on 5000m cone.

Fine Tencel thread – BUY CONES HERE

Sew All thread – BUY CONES HERE

Topstitch thread – BUY CONES HERE

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 110 × 10 × 150 mm


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