#4.5 20cm Organic Cotton Jean Zip with gold teeth by YKK


20cm (8″) Closed Ended Zip with a Organic Cotton Tape.

  • Closed end zip with soft Ecru natural organic cotton tape.
  • Gold teeth with a matching flat puller.
  • No.4.5 weight Gauge 4mm (3/8″) teeth.
  • Organic cotton tape.
  • Oeko Tex certified

Made by YKK

Organic Cotton Tape features tape made of organic cotton fibers. The farming of the cotton is certified by a 3rd party, offering traceability & compliance with requirements for chemical use, water stewardship & fair labor practices/ human rights.

Suitable for high end clothing, bags and denimwear.

Additional information

Weight 75 g

Per Zip, Per 50pcs, Per 100pcs

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